Kingsessing Morris Video



The Nag '24

Shepherds Hey Teaching '24

Abbots Bromley Horn Dance '23

Bryn Mawr's - May Day 2023

May Day '23

Mummers Day Parade '23

Dearest Dickie '22

Banks of the Dee 22

Donkey Riding '22

Olde Molly Oxford

Trunkles 22

Upton Upon Severn 22

Cuckoo's Nest 22

British Grenadiers '21

Old Molly Oxford May Day '21

Old Molly Oxford Collective May Day '20

Nutting Girl -Collective May Day'20

English Garden at Terhune '20

Devil's Hiway at Terhune '20

Trunkles at Terhune

Mummers Day Parade '20

Devil's Hiway '19 Frederick, MD

Shepherd's Hey '19

Mummers Day Parade '19

Redought...Toronto Ale '18

Devil's Hiway... Toronto Ale '18

Mummers Day Parade '18

Silurian Kiss...
Toronto Ale '17

Mr. Softee ...Bryn Mawr College '17

Mummers Day Parade '17

Twiglet on May Day '16

Dickens Rap (by Ed Stivender Feb '16)

Mummers Day Parade '16

Firebird Festival (Dec. '15

Old Molly Oxford (spring 2015)

Devil's Hiway (winter 2015)

Mummer's Day Parade '15

TECHNO-MORRIS spring 2014

Nutting Girl spring 2014

Bryn Mawr College 'Nicks' spring 2014

Fieldtown Trunkles winter (2014)

Mummer's Day Parade '14

Mummers Day Parade '14 -musician's view

Fastest Dance Ever spring

Nutting Girl jig (Dickens Day-Narberth, PA '13

Worcestershire Monkey (Mummers '13)

Cuckoo's Nest fall( Narberth, PA '12)

Devil's Highway winter (Firebird Festival '12)

Fieldtown Trunkles spring (Bryn Mawr '12)

Cuckoo's Nest (Dickens Celebration '12)

Mummers Day Parade ('12)

Mummers Day Parade ('11)

Cuckoo's Nest winter (Firebird Festival '11)

Jockey to the Faire spring (Lititz,Pa '11)

K-men-Renegade Tour fall (Phila,Pa '10)

Devil's Highway spring (Rittenhouse Sq '10)

Mummers Day Parade ('10)

Takking spring (Wash D.C. '09)

Mummers Day Parade ('09)

Mummers Day Parade ('08)

Mummers Day Parade ('07)
Mummers Day Parade ('06)

Mummers Day Parade ('06)

Mummers Day Parade ('04)

Mummers Day Parade ('96)
Kingsessing's first time in the Mummers Day Parade

Philadelphia Revels ('91)

Kingsessing Revels -3 Dances ('89)

Fool's Jig ('89)

Some other YouTube kmen videos

Montage of Dances 2017(by Jamie Watson)
Donkey Riding, Olde Maui, Devil's Hiway, Silurian Kiss

Mummers Day Parade 2015 (Don Groff)

Takking- May Day 2005 spring (Jon Barr)

Dearest Dickey 1994 (Jamie Watson)

Charles Dickens Celebration 2013 winter (Robert Christian)

K-men at the Phoenixville Firebird Festival 2012 winter (Phoenixville Massage)

Kingsessing Morris Men - May Day 2006 spring (Jon Barr)

Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia 2014 spring (Brian Rudnick)

May Day 2000 TV story on channel 29 (Jamie Watson)
Mr. Softee 1980 (Tony Barrand)

Rik and Jamie - playing Dearest Dickey 1995

A Hundred Years Hence 2021 (a montage of morris dancing)