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The team will be dancing at these events


May Day on Belmont Plateau 2023


A beautiful morning for dancing, singing and being together to begin the first day of May
You can watch a 9 minute video of some of the dancing and singing by clicking






April 30, '23

Even with the rain the enjoyment of dancing to welcome a new season of spring overcame the wet weather.
It's clear that with the right fool and his chicken one can bring a laugh to lots of folks.
Renegade Morris and Kingsessing shared the morning to help Bryn Mawr celebrate their May Day Celebration
And with a little teaching from Curtis Hoberman a few hundred students were dancing morris as well.
Click here to see the Bryn Mawr May Day Celebration video.





Bethlehem, PA
April 14

Spring was on the airwaves with Mike McGrath both interviewing and having the K-men perform
for his weekly show You Bet Your Garden, which aired on channel 39 on April 29th, '23

If you click the word GARDEN and look for S4 Ep34 you can watch the broadcast.



Jan 29, 2023

The team's pilgrimage toTerhune Orchards, in Princeton, NJ, to dance for the Wassailing of the apple trees has
become an annual event. Not only does it help for good apple crops it motivates the Eagles to win
their football games.

Watch Curtis Hoberman teach a morris dance to the crowd here at Terhune Orchards

Watch the morris men dance here at Terhune Orchards.








Since morris dancing is English in origin the K-men thought it appropriate to honor Queen Elizabeth II's
many years on the throne with both a tribute and a dance in her memory. The team marched and danced
on Broad Street to the enthusiastic applause of thousands. No kidding or exaggeration here.

Click here to watch






Finding a spot with good lighting in Phoenixville can be somewhat problematic. However, the K-men settled
on a parking lot in the center of town which was already being used by Santa to meet with children.
Fortunately Santa was willing to share.
You can watch the dance here.


Dec. 4



Almost feels just like old times

Curtis teaching morris to everyone at the Dickens Festival










Morris Men Make History on
May Day



The records show that George Washington and Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette had tea at the
Grange Estate in Havertown, PA. On May Day 2022 Kingsessing danced there as well.






Handsome Molly Dancers and Kingsessing Morris Men

Dancing at Terhune Orchards, in NJ, in the snow, to continue a long tradition of
'Wassailing the Apple Trees' in 24° weather
can be somewhat of a challenge. However, a couple of small bonfires, sugared doughnuts,
and hot cider makes it a little easier to overcome.

Monday Night Morris Practice '21

No, the team is not in line waiting for dinner. The men are dancing outside for safety
in the covid environment.
Adaptation and pragmatism are a key element to continued existence.






Ed Stivender captures the enthusiasm of the moment to teach a few hundred Bryn Mawr
students a morris dance. Along with Rik Bourne's and Bill
Quern's music everyone was on a cloud of enjoyment


You can watch the team dancing at Bryn Mawr by clicking



MAY DAY 2021

Dawning masks at dawn at Belmont Plateau, in Fairmount Park, to welcome the sun.


Some of the great treasures of Kingsessing are its musicians.
The quality and sensitivity of their playing continually energizes
the dancers to give their best.



1st Place WINNERS

Interestingly enough there are morris teams in England that wear flowered hats all the time.
Kingsessing won 1st place with their 1 minute dance out of 19 entries. You can watch them
dancing by clicking on the word





Lots of folks came out for the festival and Kingsessing put out for them with a nice variety of dances.
A zumba and modern dance group shared the trolley track stage with the K-men and made the event
that much more interesting and enjoyable to watch



after the deep freeze
Feb 2, 2019

The K-men danced at Terhune Orchards, in Princeton, NJ,on Ground Hog Day, for the
farm's annual Wassailing to the Apple Trees event along with Handsome Molly, and
Green River Tap & Die, from New England. It was fine event and a nice opportunity to finally
enjoy the outdoors in moderate winter temperatures compared to the polar vortex ones
that had to be endured only a few days previously.




at the




Watch the team dancing in the Parade by

Clicking Here



Dancing at the field where the Phoenix will be fired. This picture seems to show plenty of light
but it was actually half as bright giving the dancers a lot more thought to both carefully
clashing their sticks to each other and dancing.



The Kingsessing Morris Men dancing at Bryn Mawr College's
May Day celebration about 15 years ago.



Listen to an Interview with Kingsessing, and Mike McGrath
just before May Day
, about 15 years ago on
You Bet Your Garden

on WHYY radio




Mummers Day Parade 2016

The Kmen's thematic dance in 2016 paired the destruction of the worldly traveling Hitchbot when it
came to Philadelphia during the summer and the Pope's good will visit to the city later in early fall.
Both visits were intended as something positive to benefit humanity and that was something
Kingsessing wanted to celebrate a little more.


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    About morris dancing


Morris dancing originated in England about 800 years ago, before Christianity took a solid hold on the countryside. The dancing was done at springtime by the farmers to celebrate the planting season and the "rebirth" of life. The spirits of the sun, rain, and earth were called upon to be plentiful to the folk who worshipped them.
Kingsessing Morris Men springs from Philadelphia and the surrounding areas from where it began in 1977. The team's dancing was originally done in the springtime with vigor, in the hopes that the planting season will be bountiful, and that those who view the dance will have good fortune. Bells are worn on the knees to wake the ground. Through the years the dancing has evolved into a year long tradition, dancing for any festive occasion that could bring enjoyment
Traditionally handkerchiefs beckon the sun to shine, and the sticks chase the evil spirits from below to awaken the earth. The team dances primarily in the spring touring to parks, schools and the city; but also performs during the other seasons too at various festivities such as fairs, weddings, and get-togethers. The team dances regularly in the Philadelphia Mummers Day Parade, and lately in the Phoenixville, PA, Firebird Festival in early December.
The team is currently accepting new members who will be instructed n the styles of Bleddington, Ducklington, and Fieldtown traditions. Practice is on Monday nights from September through May near Ardmore, Pa.


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This is back in 2001, when the team danced at a public school in Philadelphia on May Day.
Folks often ask why members of the team dance morris.
Reasons vary but for just about everyone who does it the common theme is they're having fun.


Kingsessing History
May 1979

The team's first kit (uniform) sported knickers and suspenders. This was May Day
at Bryn Mawr College, as the team began their second year performing.